The Mechanics of Modern Dating

Meeting Up Halfway


As the world grows more connected through electronics, it seems to shrink as far as travel. People who might have thought going more than a day’s walk from home was too far now travel across the globe for a job interview. If they get the job, they are going to be moving far away from the person they are currently dating. It would not be bad if the relationship was just getting started, but those with a commitment to make a future together have decisions to make. They can split up, the one without a firm job in the new place can move, or they can try meeting halfway.

Regular flights are available to almost any part of the world today, and it has brought prices within reason. For couples separated by thousands of miles, meeting at a destination that is between them could be a good solution to lessening the severity of their separation. They might find several locations that fit their meeting criteria, and they could use their time together to become intrepid explorers.

It might be difficult for them to get together more than once every six months or so, but they can also use electronic communications to remain in touch. It is not going to be the same as being physically close, but it is certainly better than old-fashioned snail mail. Getting a text, email, message, or phone call every day beats waiting for the postal service any day.

There are many different ways to connect and communicate, and even sending flowers or small gifts can help ease the pain of separation. For those who find it is wearing down their relationship, considering moving closer could be another option they might explore for the future. Their ability to compromise and find solutions is a good step for a solid long term relationship.