The Mechanics of Modern Dating

Leaving the Electronics Behind


It is important to be connected in the modern world, but paying too much attention to electronic devices can interfere with living a good life. Couples who sit across the table from each other appear to be more interested in what their friends and family are posting on social media platforms, yet they do not know what their date thinks about the latest crisis or world event. Communication between couples can begin to break down, so it is a good idea to take even a few hours to talk the old-fashioned way.

Body language is important between human beings, and it tells its own brand of truth. If a person does not like something, their body will tend to stiffen before they can assume a neutral expression. This is something not seen with those perfectly posed photos online, so it is an indicator of feelings that a date can miss if they are not looking. It is just one more reason to put down a device and look at a companion.

Interaction is important in relationships, and couples who ignore this will not connect completely. They might believe they have a perfect relationship, but it has not yet been tested in the real world. During a crisis, when there are no electronics available, they might see things differently. Knowing the real person behind the screen is what matters for a relationship to continue successfully.

There is nothing wrong with using electronics to communicate when couples are apart, but they should make time on a regular basis to simply share time without them. If they choose to do this, they will have a better chance of knowing and understanding each other in any situation. Those who choose to keep communicating only through electronics are depriving their partner and themselves of a chance to have a unique and satisfying relationship.