The Mechanics of Modern Dating

A Weekend Getaway


For couples who want to really get to know each other, the idea of a weekend getaway is often tempting. They see it as a way to spend a large block of time getting to know each other, and they can enjoy fun activities without interruption. Going someplace new is generally welcome to most people, so taking a few days at a resort or tourist destination seems like the perfect way to enjoy time alone together. For many couples, it can be the ultimate way to firm up their relationship.

Resorts and tourist areas cater to those who want to relax and enjoy life, but they do not guarantee the visit will be perfect. The weather is always a worry, but even good weather is not what makes a vacation wonderful. Couples who take a short vacation together to get to know each other might find their own storms between them, and it can ruin their time away. They might find that getting away from it all and focusing on each other is a one-way trip to breaking up.

When people begin dating, they always work hard at being their best. Taking a vacation together can cause the cracks in their fa├žade to begin showing, and it is not always a pretty sight for their partner. They might discover they disagree about a great many things, and it can turn their fun into a fundamental train wreck. Even a decision on what to have for dinner can cause issues.

Many people who take a short vacation together will become closer, but those who do not will have great tales to tell in the future. Some will come back with the knowledge they want to build a life with each other, and it can speed up their plans to go from dating to a committed relationship.